About us

At TeluguStates.com, we do our utmost to educate clients and answer questions regarding our craft and origin of our materials. Our goal is to be honest and open, as well as consciously support the green jewelry movement.

Conscious Designs

We use repurposed and recycled metals along with reset gems as often as we can. Everything we use stems from
the Earth, so it is our responsibility to be respectful toward the environment. It is a sign that we care and our
customers know and appreciate this.

From fashioning the initial design through its creation and final polishing, we are conscious of everything that goes
into making jewelry. And that includes the customer, for whom we are always respectful and grateful.

What Our Customers Say

“I bought my wife a ring from TeluguStates.com and now any time I want to get her jewelry,
I know exactly where to come." — Aaron M.